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Turnkey contracts for industrial works
1st Mar, 2003

This new standard contract has been issued to complete ORGALIME's scope of General Conditions and model contract forms by a Turnkey Contract covering the delivery of complete industrial installations or plants. These are often complex installations and works; contracts must therefore both be flexible and complete. Purchasers and contractors in the engineering sector who have used existing models, have generally found them not well suited to their needs: they are often conceived less for industrial works than for civil engineering contracts and are very complex, and sometimes also very one sided.

The new publication is provided in a package, which includes General Conditions, a Model Contract, a checklist and a diskette. The parties can easily adapt their contract to suit the individual situation. By filling in the checklist, they can clearly allocate the responsibility for every type of auxiliary work task to the contractor or the purchaser, while the contractor remains firmly responsible for, and in control of, the technical functions of the works. This provides both considerable flexibility and clarity.