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General Conditions S2012 For The Supply Of Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic Products
1st Mar, 2012

As the international sale of products represents the core business of companies in the mechanical and electrical engineering industries in Europe, Orgalime soon recognised that these companies would benefit from a set of general conditions for the supply of products, which could be used worldwide.  The original version of the Orgalime Supply Conditions was first published in 1992 (S92) and these conditions have ever since been among Orgalime's most widely used legal publications.  The Orgalime Legal Affairs working group updates these conditions to take into account legal developments and their experience in dealing with legal contracts in the engineering world.  After a first review which resulted in the S2000 conditions, the working group has now adopted a new updated text, which results in the S2012 Conditions.  The S2000 conditions have been reviewed in detail.  The Orgalime Legal Affairs working group unanimously concluded that the Orgalime Supply conditions have been widely accepted and endorsed in international business and meet the parties' needs.  Thus, the review work is considered an update of the S2000 conditions.