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REACH Guide (May 07, last update Oct 2009)
1st May, 2008

This Orgalime guide is intended to provide practical guidance to downstream users using chemicals in their industrial (including engineering) processes as they prepare themselves to the new legislation. It is also addressed to producers and importers of articles. It does, however, not extensively address obligations of manufacturers or importers of chemicals, nor the obligations of formulators (“first level downstream users”).

The guide has been structured in a way that readers learn about REACH requirements in a progressive manner:

Since the previous update in May 2008, in particular REACH provisions on authorisation and restriction entered into force.  Also, the Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has published further guidance documents and helping tools, and the Commission has issued additional information on REACH implementation.

This latest update mainly adjusts the following guidelines to the latest state of play:

Three new guidelines reflecting latest developments have been added on:



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