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ORGALIME, the European Engineering Industries Association, produces a range of legal and technical publications (model forms, general conditions and guides) which are available through GAMBICA, its UK member organisation.

Each of the publications provides expert practical guidance, allowing companies to use Orgalime standard General Conditions or draw up different types of contracts based on ORGALIME templates, which are now commonly used in international trade. They have been designed to reflect normal contract practice in the industry.

GAMBICA members qualify for a 20% discount on published prices

General Conditions

Title DateMoreQuantity:
General Conditions SI 14 For The Supply And Installation Of Mechanical, Electrical And Electronic Products 1st Jan 2014 £5.00
General Conditions S2012 For The Supply Of Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic Products 1st Mar 2012 £5.00
General Conditions SC06 for the Manufacture and Supply of specially designed components 1st Apr 2006 £5.00
International Conditions Of Contract For The Repair Of Machinery And Equipment RO2 1st Jul 2002 £6.00
General Conditions for Computer Software SW01 1st Mar 2001 £5.00
General Conditions M2000 For Maintenance 1st Sep 2000 £5.00
Supplementary Conditions S2000S For The Supervision Of Erection Of Mechanical, Electrical And Electronic Products 1st Aug 2000 £5.00
General Conditions SP99 For Series Processing 1st Dec 1999 £5.00


Title DateMoreQuantity:
RoHS Guide 2 - July 2011 1st Jul 2011 download
REACH Guide (May 07, last update Oct 2009) 1st May 2008 download
Pressure Equipment Directive (May 1999, updated April 2008) 1st Apr 2008 download
Assembly under the Pressure Equipment Directive 11th May 2006 download
RoHS Guide - updated January 2007 1st Mar 2006 download
Guide to Contractual Options for B2B Equipment under WEEE 1st Mar 2006 £15.00
WEEE & RoHS Scope Guide 1st Jan 2006 download
Guide to Defect Liability in Europe 1st Apr 2005 £25.00
Cooperation Agreements: A short guide to the creation of a Joint Venture 1st Jun 2004 £8.50
European Competition Law in Practice – 30 Key Points 1st May 2004 £25.00
Guide S2000 1st Sep 2000 £25.00
Security For Payment In Credit Sales 1st Dec 1999 £15.00
Guide For Drawing Up An International Development Contract 1st Sep 1999 £25.00
Drawings And Technical Documents - Ownership And Protection Against Improper Use - Reprinted Aug 2001 1st Jun 1993 £12.50

Model Forms

Title DateMoreQuantity:
Model Form of Exclusive Agreement with Agents Abroad (Paper and CD-Rom) 1st Jun 2011 £32.00
Exclusive Agreement With Distributors Abroad (Revision of the model Contract) (with CD Rom) 1st May 2011 £32.00
Model Contract for Technical Work on Site 1st Jan 2010 £35.00
Non-Disclosure Agreement (includes CD Rom) 1st Jan 2008 £25.00
Original Equipment Manufacturer Contract (OEM Contract). (with CD Rom) 1st Aug 2007 £32.00
International Technology Licence Agreement (Outside EU/EEA). (with CD Rom) 1st Jun 2006 £32.00
International Technology Licence Agreement (Inside EU/EEA). (with CD Rom) 1st Jan 2005 £32.00
Turnkey contracts for industrial works 1st Mar 2003 £30.00
Consortium Agreement (with CD Rom) 1st Feb 1995 £32.00
Consortium Agreement (without CD Rom) 1st Feb 1995 £12.50

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