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GAMBICA is the Trade Association for Instrumentation, Control, Automation and Laboratory Technology in the UK. It has membership of over 200 companies including the major multinationals in the sector as well as smaller and medium sized companies.

Office for National Statistics (ONS) data shows total output of the industry represented by GAMBICA close to £6.9 billion with exports of £3.7 billion and a positive trade balance just over £260 million.

The Association's primary objectives are to further the successful development of the industry and to promote the competitiveness and profitability of member companies.


The scope of the Association covers the five principal sectors of the industry:

Within these industry sectors, specific product or technical issues are addressed through Association Groups.

 Issues of significance across broader sectors of the Association are highlighted in GAMBICA's own publication, 'Business Impacts' and addressed through the following groups open to all member companies:

GAMBICA operates with a Management Board which comprises of the President, Vice Presidents and Treasurer; elected representatives from the five principal sectors of the industry and up to four co-opted members.


Operating in Europe - Orgalime
Many issues are addressed on a European level which require close links with similar associations within the European Union. GAMBICA achieves this through Orgalime, the West European Federation of major trade associations and through membership of product-specific European Sector Committees covering industrial automation products (
CAPIEL), power electronics(CEMEP) and laboratory technology (EUROM II).

Orgalime provides GAMBICA with a key mechanism to influence those issues which affect the industry, in particular technical harmonisation, environmental policy, public procurement and trade policy and through Orgalime News member companies are kept aware of progress

Providing industry services
Member companies also benefit from a range of services through the Association; market data and economic forecasts, technical help on standards and EU Directives, and access to specialist services providing professional advice on taxation, employment and legal issues.

GAMBICA member companies also have access to ERA technology's Access ERA service, providing a comprehensive range of technical support benefits.

For further details see GAMBICA Member Benefits.

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Memorandum of Association

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